Women-Owned Brands We Love

It’s March, which means it’s also Women’s History Month! And as women-owned business ourself, there is nothing more we love than lifting up and celebrating other women! In the spirit of things, we wanted to give the spotlight to a few of our favorite women-owned brands in our shop!

The Happy Sea

If you’ve been in our shop, then you’re certainly familiar with The Happy Sea! Owyn is the creative behind The Happy Sea and she likes to think of The Happy Sea as her love letter to the ocean. Her first word as a child was 'beach' (true story) and as the years went on her love for the ocean never diminished. She went on to attend college at Florida Atlantic University to pursue a degree in Marine Biology to study the whales. Long story short, math and chemistry were not her friend and by the end of her freshman year and she wasn't a huge fan of them either. After multiple hours on the phone with her mom (owner of Color it Green), she flipped her entire life plan. She went from marine biology to graphic design in the blink of an eye and within a year's time, The Happy Sea was created! The Happy Sea was born from trusting the universe and not forcing anything that isn’t meant for us. The Happy Sea makes monthly donations to the Orca Conservancy and truly walks the walk for ocean conservation. We proudly support this women-owned brand!

Farmhouse Fresh

It’s no secret how much we love Farmhouse Fresh skincare products! Farmhouse Fresh creates skincare products that are made from fresh ingredients grown locally at a farm where the proceeds benefit a farm animal sanctuary. This dreamy, women-owned business is built on a team of licensed estheticians, farmers, spa directors and more. Farmhouse Fresh’s headquarters is on a farm in McKinney, Texas where they grow botanicals that go directly into the products they make! Their just-harvested botanicals are bursting with high nutrition for your skin. Grown fresh daily, these tiny microgreens are more nutrient dense than many full size vegetables! Their extracts bring rapid results in their skincare - so you see nothing but a gorgeous complexion! Some of the greens they grow are amaranth, cucumbers, kale, lemon balm, red leaf lettuce, watercress; to name a few. They focus on extracts and the potency of these greens for the highest-quality ingredients for their products! Profits from the sale of every one of their products help rescue abused and neglected farm animals, including many that come to live and be cared for by the company’s employees. Currently, there are a variety of animals living at the sanctuary, including donkeys, horses, sheep and goats. Farmhouse Fresh also has a commitment to sustainability and understands that everything they do has an environmental impact. That’s why they are taking actionable steps to do good for you, the planet and all the furry friends. They have carbon neutral shipping by offsetting 100% of carbon emissions from FHF shipments, thanks to their partnership with Clearloop & Terrapass. They’re committed to responsible packaging by using glass for their products, or their tubes and spa containers are made of recyclable materials. They have a zero-waste and hydroponic farming approach by using sustainable farming methods (hydroponic and organic) to grow microgreens, herbs and vegetables that get extracted quickly to become fresher than fresh ingredients in the products you know and love. We love this women-owned brand, and we know you will too!

O.B Design

We can’t help but have a soft spot for the kiddos, and we’re so thankful we found OB Design! Mom and dad duo, Kate and Luke, are the founders of OB, a family-owned business that creates children’s toys and accessories. They started their business in 2008 in Byron Bay, a coastal town in Australia where the blue Pacific meets golden beaches. But while Byron’s natural treasures and artistic creativity could be found everywhere, they struggled to find toys and accessories that matched the region’s charm and beauty, especially ones made with sustainable materials. So, they made their own, drawing inspiration from their three children and the beautiful world around them. Thanks to hard work and the invaluable insights of their customers, they’ve come a long way—even crossing the Pacific to the United States. They are proud to share that their designs have evolved into an internationally recognized brand carried by more than 1,000 independent retailers in over 14 countries. Whether plush animals and toys, wooden playthings, or silicone essentials, their products are known for their modern aesthetic, premium quality, and sustainable materials. We love supporting the best brands for our babes!


If you’re cooking in the kitchen, or packing lunches, you know firsthand how much waste can come from it! That’s why in 2008 Founder, Kirsten Quigley, created Lunchskins to quite truly save the day and the planet! The Lunchskins brand was born out of her need for a earth-friendly and stylish alternative to disposable plastic bags. From the beginning, she knew that whatever she created had to be easy, affordable, and fun so people would make it part of their daily routine, and collectively have a much bigger positive impact on our environment. For the past 12+ years, 3GreenMoms®, a woman-owned B Corp has been helping families and communities think and act greener. With a background in environmental sciences, Kirsten produced the world’s first patent-pending, self-sealing, disposable paper bag, and the first dishwasher-safe reusable fabric bag. All Lunchskins products give back to the planet with every sale and every time you use them. Lunchskins is a massive revelation on the sustainable home-goods world and we’re proud to carry them!

Lotus and Luna

Clothes, accessories and jewelry, what’s not to love with Lotus and Luna! While traveling through Asia, their founder Janelle Clasby fell in love with Thailand. The kindness of the Thai people inspired her to start a business that would alleviate their daily stress of living in poverty. After meeting with their first artisans, Wilawan, Rung, and Watini, she was determined to create a consistent job for these talented women and pay them fairly for their high quality work. Starting with just three artisans, they have now grown to employ over 300 people. Lotus and Luna empowers artisan communities through educational resources, fair wages, and endless opportunities. Their unique, handcrafted products promote growth among villages in Thailand, helping them achieve a better quality of life. Their female-founded and driven team is a diverse group of women & men who live authentically! They embrace cultures, diversity & inclusivity and have become one of San Diego's most thriving organizations. At the root of their core is the desire to protect their commitment to empowering Thai artisans and their communities. They proudly work as a collective unit contributing their talents to make the world a better place! And we are so proud to bring Lotus and Luna to our very own community!

Solmate Socks

We have a seriously soft spot for cozy socks! Marianne Wakerlin started Solmate Socks in 2000 with the simple idea that “Life’s too short for matching socks.” As a lifelong textile artist, she knew there was a market for beautifully crafted socks made right here in America. In addition to their sustainable production, they take great pride in caring for their employees, valuing people over profit. As ethical practices are paramount to their brand, they pay all employees living wages, along with generous medical benefits. They are proud to be one of the few mills in the American hosiery industry that offers these types of benefits, and hope to inspire more to do the same. They also know the importance of socks. Socks not only provide warmth and protection for our precious feet, but also a cozy sense of comfort. Despite this, socks are the most needed items at homeless shelters across the US, but the least often donated. In an effort to do their part, Solmate has been donating socks for the past 20 years to various charity groups across the US, including family services organizations, refugee centers and homeless shelters. They truly believe that if we all find a way to give back, no matter how big or small, together we can make a huge impact in this world and ultimately change someone’s life, one foot at a time.

Lokal Swim

You can only imagine our level of stoke when we came across a sustainable, women-owned swim suit brand! Lokal Swim Co. is a Florida-based and woman-owned brand that specializes in size-inclusive swimwear designed with everyBODY in mind. As a Florida local and beach lover, founder Kayla, set out to design a swim line that was sustainable, inclusive & comfortable. Their super soft and stretchy swim material is truly one of a kind and exactly that. 

Hemlock Goods

When you find a brand that is both equally cool and unique, it’s truly meant to be! We fell so hard for Hemlock Goods bandanas and headbands! Hemlock Goods Founder, Beth, met their production partner on a trip to India almost five years ago. They realized they shared a passion for saving people from unfulfilling jobs and became fast friends. Over the years, Hemlock Goods has grown, thanks to this partnership. Through collaborative projects, shared business success, and trips acrossthe world, this connection has brought a vast vision to life. Despite the company’s growth, their initial offering—bandanas—are still crafted with intention and care. Every design comes straight from Beth's sketchbook and begins with ink or paint on paper. Then, every bandana is screen printed onto luxurious premium cotton. The hemlock plant is pretty but poisonous, tender yet tenacious. It’s a resilient plant that is known for being able to live in many different climates and environments. In this way, they see the spirit of the hemlock plant in the women they admire. This brand was and is inspired by the backstory behind the beauty, the grit that it takes to make yourself known, and the resilience it takes to enjoy the journey. Hemlock Goods stands up for the unheard voices in our communities, and they believe that it's in their local community where they can be most impactful. Black Lives Matter. Climate change is real. Trans rights are human rights. Half the population deserves half the representation. The organizations they support align with the values of promoting leadership, education, conversation, and relationship building—all with a local emphasis. We love all that Hemlock Goodsstands for and represents, especially as a women-owned business!

We could go on and on with our long list of amazing women-owned businesses. We offer so many women-owned brands that work hard to empower and inspire those around them, and we are proud to offer them to our customers. So stop in and explore all the unique brands we have to offer, created by inspiring women. THANK YOU to the women who inspire and step up! And we thank you, our customers, for your continued support!