Where are your products from? 

Almost all products in the shop are American made. Those that are not, we do extensive research on the conditions of the areas in which those products are made and the people who are making them. We really care about our planet and it's people so we keep everything genuine, we want you to feel good about the products that you are purchasing with us. You're making a difference! 

What kind of brands do you carry?

A good majority of all of the lines that we carry here at Color it Green donate back a portion of all of their proceeds to various global causes such as ocean conservation, and different environmental organizations. We also carry a variety of products that are created here in Fernandina Beach, and so many other independent makers from across the country. 


Still haven’t received your order even though your order status says “delivered”? Try checking with your neighbors first to make sure the package didn’t get delivered to their house instead. Sometimes, mail carriers leave packages at nearby doors by mistake. 

Occasionally USPS will mark packages as "Delivered" before they've actually left the package at your address. Typically they show up within 24-48 hours after being marked as "Delivered." If you still haven't received your order, just send us an email at info@coloritgreengifts.com. 

What if I need to change my order?

We'll be happy to help. Please email info@coloritgreengifts.com as soon as possible. If the order hasn’t already been processed, we will be happy to accommodate you.