You could say 2014 was a wild ride for our family of five,
but even that would be an understatement.
Starting from a young age, I’ve always been incredibly passionate about wildlife conservation. I’m not ashamed to define myself as a reusable-bag-using, plastic-straw-refusing tree hugger. I love the bees, the manatees and everything in between. (And have been known to dress up as Mother Nature on more than one occasion)
But up until this point, I’d always kept my passion as it was: a passion, not a career. My job as a graphic designer had always allowed me creative freedom and the time to spend with my three growing daughters. But as my time working at home neared a decade and my daughters began to “leave the nest” so to speak,it was becoming increasingly prevalent to me that my stay-at-home lifestyle wasn’t as necessary as it used to be.
We (my husband Jimmy and I) have prided ourselves in raising our daughters with the notion that life is what you make of it. There is a great, big, beautiful world out there waiting for you, and it’s up to you to create a future you want to wake up to every morning.
What kind of role-model would I be if I was too scared to follow my own advice?
And so the journey began!
Color It Green was born out the need to create sustainable change and to educate our small community on what it means to take care of the planet in the way it does us. We took the values that were most important to our family and opened our doors in late November, 2014. Jimmy got to work building displays and the girls and I searched for the perfect products. What we lacked in retail experience we made up for with a truckload of enthusiasm and an incredible team. (Thank you Carlin and Bill!)
To this day, we pride ourselves on staying true to the values on which we’re founded. We carry only thoughtful, earth-friendly products. We strive to find products that are produced ethically in the USA, and support globally those that uphold a fair-trade standard. This means we hold companies accountable, with stringent guidelines on the environment, the working conditions and the pay scale for artisans involved. 
Many of our products also donate/give back to various causes. From the environment, to animals,
to people, by supporting us you not only shop local, but support global. We are proud to carry very talented local artisans, offering hand-made jewelry, soaps and so much more. 
Our shop has been a haven for unique products that are not only considerate, but useful and support our values. It is our wish that companies continue to make products with the environment in mind.
We hope you enjoy shopping around our site, and if you have suggestions, we would love to hear from you!
Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to serving you.